Sneak peek – encrypted cross stitch

Getting back to making stuff with my hands. It’s so good. And I mean that in the least creepiest way possible. Knitting, cooking, sewing, crocheting, and my brain, not too dissimilar to a child on a sugar binge, is scrambling for more. I’ve started the first fleeting moments of a knitting project, I’m 3/4 of the way through a sewing project, and I’m itching to cross stitch this number thanks to inspiration from a new app I downloaded recently. Here’s a cheeky look at what I’ve concocted … 
All I will say is that it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, it’s for my desk in work, and hopefully it will be taken light-heartedly. I’m planning on getting an oversized, flamboyant frame to overplay its importance.
But for now, happy Friday homies! I hope you have some chillaxing / exciting plans for the weekend ahead. If the weather remains poopy here, looks like I’ll be indoors {queue perfect excuse for Hyacinth and Jessica festival}.

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