Thrifty things – cheese plate

Since we don’t always have picturesque cheese and grapes at hand, our new cheese platter is home to a cluster of pine cones for the moment. But for the sake of this entry, I’ve staged some related imagery. I picked up this petite {and heavy} vintage marble cheese platter in Mrs. Quins Charity Shop, Rathfarnham for €5. I prefer filling it with alternative things though. It gives it more of a terrarium feel. So lovely.

For the love of Star Wars

My better half enjoys Star Wars, to say the least. This time last year I had an idea for a painting. I took an image of a stormtrooper and morphed it into a simple pattern. It took about 3 hours or so to paint, with the detailing getting the better of my OCD.

I would really like to make a large scale wallpaper style pattern like this in needlepoint/cross stitch form, but it’ll have to wait until AC {after college}. For the moment it’s hanging in our hallway amongst a plethora of other treasured delights such as hand written letters from both my grandmothers, and pricey prints I got at an auction on a cruise holiday a couple years ago {free champagne – need I say more?}.

Rest in peace

Last week I took a long overdue wander around Penneys. I saw these skull pillow cases for €6, and even though they were 50/50 cotton/polyester mix*, I had to get them. I was so excited when I saw them. Sad, I know. I prefer the gentleman’s pillow more than my lady one, but I’ll take one for the team.
Also pictured – my lovely new purple pillow cases from IKEA, paisley bedspread set by Ralph Lauren {on sale. Yes, yes}, and cute black sequin pillow from Dunnes Stores
*I’m picky. If it isn’t 100% cotton or better, I find it feels cheap.