Thrifty things – copper jelly moulds

Over the weekend I had some time to walk one of my favourite Dublin charity shop routes. I was on the lookout for nothing in particular, but kind of also had my radar possible nursery furniture. I didn’t find any furniture, however I did find these absolutely adorable copper jelly moulds. I’m super sappy these days so the heart-shaped piece jumped out at me immediately as well as the smaller mould. They were both marked as €1 each [!!!] in Age Action so I couldn’t not get them. 

I’m fairly certain they’re not vintage as they’re quite light and are actually more of a rose-gold colour than copper in real life [they look very much copper in these pictures]. I think the heart shaped mould would look really lovely hanging up in the baby’s room and the smaller one for holding all kinds of tiny baby related nonsense on a shelf. 

We’ll have to buy some brand new pieces for the nursery [cot, bedclothes etc], but for the most part I’m really hoping to find as many second hand pieces as possible. I have a vague idea of furniture, layout and colours at the moment, but I have yet to sit down and see if it will all work together. I’m feeling really good these days so I want to get stuck in painting and assembling and fussing over baby stuff! I figure I should start sooner rather than later before my energy levels drop back to non-existent.

My biggest DIY* to date

I’ve been long awaiting to share some exciting news with you guys here on my blog. It’s also an explanation for why I’ve been so MIA lately. The reason I’ve been quiet around these parts since January is because I’ve taken on my biggest DIY* project to date; I’m in the process of making a tiny human. It’s pretty crazy and we’re both still getting our heads around it, but we’re going to be someone’s parents. 

I know my body pretty well so I knew early on that something was up. Right around this time in February I also noticed I lost interest in everything; blogging being one of the biggest. I love blogging! I love creating stuff, thinking up new projects, coming up with solutions to problems, taking pictures and pretending to be a fancy adult, but I cannot explain how unappealing that all became to me. I turned into a zombie. A zombie that didn’t mind if Sky News was still on for the 26th hour in a row. My brain was soup for about 2 months. I tortured myself as part of me still wanted to write, but I started to cut myself some slack. I decided to write when I was genuinely into it. Even if that meant not writing for ages. So I did. Or, didn’t, in this case. 

I’m feeling a lot more like a human this past week now that I’m into my second trimester [just saying that makes me feel like WOAH, WTF!] and I’m excited to feel like me again. I don’t need to nap like a toddler and I can eat normal food once again [food aversion is an actual form of torture. Sometimes all I wanted was ie – a tomato, but by the time I finished chopping up said tomato, the thoughts of eating one made me want to hurl. Pregnancy is a crazy thing, and I hear it’s going to get crazier].

It’s still strange for me to understand because I’m not showing. Yet. I’m a visual person so the fact that I can’t see a baby or a difference in myself is why my mind is still catching up. We had a scan a couple of weeks ago and that’s what really brought it home for me. For both of us actually! Seeing our tiny baby stretch and wriggle around blew both of our minds. Even though it’s still teeny tiny, I can already feel our baby fluttering away like a tiny butterfly [or moth!] inside of me. It’s been a crazy ride these past months and will be the next couple of months and years and I’m so happy and lucky to have Robert by my side. He’s been so patient and attentive.

Next week is the 10 year anniversary of Robert and mine’s first date. Now that I have energy again, we’ll running away together to celebrate / go on a mini babymoon to Rome. Don’t worry, we’ll be bringing the baby too. It’s been just us for 10 years so we’re both excited / still getting our heads around the idea of adding one more to our wolf pack. It’s exciting and scary and exciting and exciting. Neither of us feel adult enough to be parents, but I hear everyone feels like that. In the mean time, we’re just over here dying over all the adorable Star Wars and kitty onesies there are for tiny babies. 

I shall end on that note. Happy Friday friends, and sorry for the rambling. I hope whatever you do this weekend, I hope you have a good one xx

p.s. I’m due on our 4 year wedding anniversary in October – how insane is that?!

*I know, ‘DIY’ is not the best word to be using in reference to this situation as there was no immaculate conception. But let’s face it; Robert got the easy and fun end of the deal. Am I right or am I right ladies? I’m left doing the rest [and let’s face it, the worst] of the work, so I’ma say this is a DIY 😉

p.p.s. Mad props to Pat for the DIY announcement idea. I safely stored that one in the memory bank.