I hope you …

This week was packed. I was a bundle of excited nerves as I submitted that exciting project I hinted towards last week {more deets on that coming shortly}. We had storms and even a tornado warning, which by the way, tornadoes are non-existant in Ireland. One even touched down = hello global warming. I also brain-stormed a very nifty project for my DIY Friday that I’m really excited about, but you’ll have to tune in next week as it’s a work in progress. Yesterday I added a new ‘opportunities’ tab to my website, which is a bit embarrassing, but I’m curious to see what comes of it. I also created a Vizify profile, which was a lot of fun creating and might just supersede my LinkedIn account. And today, I purchased myself a rather awesome bicyclette. At the risk of sounding like a dork, this bike couldn’t be more perfect. I actually was clapping in the shop. If a bike could be personified as me, this one nailed it. Wait until you see it. 
The long weekend is here {in Ireland} so kick back, relax with a beverage in hand and remember – we finally made it. Happy Friday homies 🙂

xx A

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  1. John JJP
    August 4, 2013 / 15:25

    tornados in ireland??1! oh my gosh i didnt think you guys could even get them there. i hope you share pictures of your exciting project sooner tather than later 🙂 and ill have to take a look at your opportunities tab right after i finish typing this lol.

    • John JJP
      August 6, 2013 / 07:40

      just saw youre good news!!!!!! CONGRATS on the upcoming ikea feature!!! that is amazing. and it is for good reason. you have serious skills lol.

    • August 6, 2013 / 08:48

      Haha, thanks John! I'm really looking forward to seeing the final piece. Also, very nervous! Eeeek 🙂

      xx A

  2. August 7, 2013 / 05:51

    Hey Alex, I am playing catch up. Ahhh so now I know what the secret project was!! Awesome news! Oh I wanna see your new bike, I know I will be green with envy. Bloody hell at mother nature, she is all kinds of pissed off at us here on Earth. I wonder if it's karma, between your tornado and our freaking earthquakes and flooding in other parts of the world and world record temps in the UK, I do wonder!! Hey I love that you have created a tab for opportunities, cos if you don't ask how will you know? I enjoyed reading that tab. Go you, I really do feel that 2014 is going to be Epic for you Miss Alex!! Just wish you lived closer do you could work your magic on our bedrooms.