Cora Beatrix Carberry

Thursdays have always been a special day for us. Robert and I met on a Thursday, had our first date on a Thursday, had numerous anniversaries on Thursdays, moved into our first and second apartments on Thursdays, got married on a Thursday, found out we were pregnant on a Thursday, and our latest addition [despite me being induced on the Wednesday morning at 06:00]; our baby girl was born on a Thursday. I contemplated naming our baby Thursday, but Robert drew the line at Wednesday.

After arriving a fashionable 12 days late, our tiny Cora Beatrix Carberry was born on Thursday the 20th of October, 2016, at 11:24am weighing 6lbs 9oz and Robert and I couldn’t be more in love / have more blown minds. 

It was the most surreal experience seeing our baby for the first time. Robert and I most likely looked like the dumbest couple in the hospital that morning; staring at each other saying “we have a baby … that’s our baby“. We still can’t believe we made that little face. All we know is our hearts exploded that day and have every day since.
p.s. I don’t know yet if I’ll share our birth story. I love reading other people’s birth stories and I’ve always been fascinated by them, so I might. We’ll see. For now, please excuse me as I devour Cora’s little face at every chance I can xx

UPDATE: it took me 6 months to publish, but I wrote all about Cora’s birth story and you can find it here if you’re curious / like those kind of things. 

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  1. November 1, 2016 / 10:40

    I love this photo of Cora so much – she looks so cute and cool!! Congratulations again! xx

  2. November 5, 2016 / 19:57

    As a new mom, I can tell you that people frown on actually eating children. I'll never make that mistake again! LOL Cora is such an adorable name. She is really, very cute.

  3. November 20, 2016 / 16:43

    Congrats, she is adorable and peace to her too 🙂

    All things nice…