Knowing when to fake it

My name is Alex, and I have a problem. I kill any plant that comes into my care – unintentionally. And I don’t know how or why. For as long as I can remember, whenever I had a plant, it wouldn’t be long before it died. And it still happens. Basil or parsley plant? Give it a week. Potted plant? You will suffer longer and your death will not be as swift. I will love you as hard as I can, but I think that makes it worse.
For Valentine’s Day I was met with a wonderful surprise. My boyfriend gave me three gorgeous faux hydrangeas from the wonderful  Madison. I like how he figured out my need of fake flowers long before I did.

Before now, I wouldn’t dream of having fake flowers in my home. They were the epitome of tack. But as I’m shamefully realizing, they are now my only option. But I think they’re growing on me.
The trick is to not go cheap. The level of detail with good quality faux flowers is dangerously convincing.

The Arnotts artificial flower collection is ridiculous. Very pricey, but you will have them forever. I picked up this small hydrangea for €6.75 to go along with my new Madison hydrangeas. Their artificial orchid collection would fool anyone. Baby steps, Alex. 
In action | for the moment I’ve coupled my new fauxs with dried pussy willow we’ve had hanging in our bedroom for many years. Another idea I had was to occasionally pop a fresh flower or two in the mix in plastic water vials to {hopefully} further persuade people that the rest are real. Even the stems are pretty convincing. 
In the background | my watch painting, plus, faboosh kitteh frame from velabronx. Bloggette holla. 

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