Eye candy

I’m in a bit of a horrid mood today, and in a subconscious attempt to cheer myself up, I found myself image searching  ‘hydrangeas’. I’ve been finding some wonderful images, mostly relating to design, and wanted to share them. I really think it’s helping … I heart hydrangeas. 

Alternative ways to display your hydrangeas in and under glass c/o Interior Design Decoration, as well as inside teapots with Design, Decor.
Lovely pink hues at the center of attention thanks to George Interior Design and greige: interior design.
Overflowing hydrangeas found on House of Turquoise, and bountiful baskets thanks to Happy Interior Designs.

I had to post this second image similar to the previous image above from Happy Interior Designs – it is my ultimate eye candy today. I can’t get enough of this image! If I could, and if it didn’t taste awful, I think I would eat it. Coupled with subtle blues c/o looking for life, love, & laughter.

A punch of pink thanks to Parkdale Ave, and simply straight forward with turquoise from House of Turquoise.

I think hydrangeas are a perfect accompaniment to design. They are pricey {unless you ‘borrow’ some from an unsuspecting hydrangea bush}, but nothing beats fresh flowers. They don’t last long as the design itself, but sometimes you can fake it

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