Lovely mention – ‘Versatile Blogger’ nomination

Yesterday morning started off like any normal Sunday morning – I woke up too early, mister still asleep, fed the screaming cats, logged onto the world of online, except this Sunday I found out I was nominated by Livlig for the Versatile Blogger Award. Insert silent freak fest. And I hadn’t even had breakfast yet. 
My mind is still being boggled. The sheer fact that I’ve been nominated is enough for me. Seriously. Considering who is on the list along with me, I am already ridiculously flattered. I checked out all the nominees’ blogs, all of which are amazing, detailed and beautiful. So thank you Livlig for even being considered.

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  1. September 12, 2011 / 20:15

    Yay! Congratulations an all the recent mentions! I think your blog is lovely, Alex.