I want it now – M&S quilted tote bag

This morning as I was watching Ireland AM whilst putting on my face, I caught a glimpse of this Marks & Spencer Limited Collection Lock Front Quilted Tote bag part of their festive clothing and accessory line and I want it. Five minutes ago want. 
I’m not a bag lady, in the way that some women have endless bag collections or a million pairs of shoes, but this bag is something I want so hard. I love the deep burgundy and black teamed with the glossy quilting. A little feast for my eyes.
In completely unrelated news, I’m getting my wisdom teeth surgically removed tomorrow and I’m kind of looking forward to some time off to sit still, catch up on my horrifying neglect towards my blogging / craft hagging, and to have a good excuse to watch hours of Murder She Wrote. Not so much looking forward to having to see a specialist and part with so much €’s, but it’s for the greater good.
Do any of you have any tips on how to get over wisdom tooth surgery? I will warmly welcome any and all suggestions, especially ones that are heavy on the amount of ice cream I will need to ingest.

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  1. November 16, 2011 / 08:16

    Thats is some gorgeous eye candy, I think I would love to covet that too. Very very nice…..LOL they have started paying reruns of "murder she wrote" here in NZ. I loved it when I was younger and have found myself sitting back down and watching it again.

    Ahh wisdom teeth, I got mine all removed at the same time, and was knocked out so to speak. I would pop an old towel on your pillow, in case you dribble – I know sounds great, I also kept a damp flannel to wipe my mouth with.As well as a small bowl to spit into. The day of the surgery I slept a lot. I also did warm salt mouth washes for a good week to help with the healing. From memory they gave me painkillers which I took. Pain wise I was fine in the end. Food wise I bought things like creamed rice in a can, lol funnily enough I don't even think ice cream featured lol. I did jelly and even lemonade iceblocks. I think I ate yoghurt and custard lol not together. Soups were good and scambled eggs were good as well. The best part was waiting to eat real food again. Good luck for the upcoming surgery.

  2. November 17, 2011 / 11:51

    Thank you so much for your tips Janine! I read them in the car on my way home after surgery, and I found a load of them very helpful. I had to do the towel-pillow thing last night. How attractive! I will definitely be trying some jello and yogurt today. I might even make myself some apple sauce. I can't believe how difficult it is to eat. I ate a mashed banana yesterday, and this morning it took me two hours to eat a bowl of mushy Weetabix. Ridik.

    Murder She Wrote is always a fav of mine. Although, I'm almost never able to figure out the murderer. I don't have much hope, do I?