Happy inside

Combining two of my favorite things. Although I can’t help but get a sad pang due to the choice of music.
IKEA released 100 house cats upon their Wembley, UK store. The music is Pianni by Mara Carlyle, courtesy of Accidental Records.

Stop motion graffiti

I’m a big fan of the Dublin based graffiti artist, Maser. A couple of months ago, Maser released this stop motion video on his Facebook page detailing one particular piece of his. Pretty neato.
800 photographs, 9 hours of work, 5,000 meters – Maser walked 3.1 miles to paint this piece. Photographed and edited by Albert Hooi. Painted by Maser.

Crazy cat lady bag

My new cat lady bag that my parents {appropriately} gave me for my birthday. I know I’ll sound insane when I say that this is one of my favorite bags to date. Not only is it really sturdy, but it has about 76 hidden compartments. There’s a mesh pocket on the outside that is appropriately fashioned to hold a wine bottle / gin flask / Dutch Gold.
At the moment I’m jazzing mine up with either any ugly tartan broach, or my over-sized 8 inch safety pin. It’s the best.