– I was born in Dublin, Ireland, and grew up just north of Toronto in Canada. More recently, I lived in Ireland for 13 years where I met my husband Robert, we went to college, got married, traveled, rented apartments and had our daughter, Cora, in October 2016. We moved our family of three (plus our 2 cats, Juniper and Toshi) from Dublin to an hour south of Ottawa, Canada, and are starting an adventure in our very first house – a Victorian redbrick. If you’d like to read about our reasons for making such a big move, you can read all about it here.

– I graduated with a BA in Interior Design in November 2011 from Griffith College Dublin. Thanks to the extended recession in Ireland, the Interior Design industry was a difficult niche to get into. Instead of doing nothing I made the most out of my time and kept things moving through the only way I could so I started my blog The Interior DIYer almost 9 years ago (back then it was called Hydrangea Girl).  

– If I had to choose a few words that best describe my style, it would be dark romantic luxe. I like dark design choices and dark colours, but not in a stark and uninviting way. I love warm nights and hygge surroundings and since having our daughter Cora, I’ve cared less about being trendy and more about creating a home that is full of cosiness.

– I’m very … particular. My parents tell me ever since I was old enough to hang up my own clothes, they all had to be in colour order. Like a rainbow. Starting with red on the left all the way to purple on the right. To this day my wardrobe is in colour order (except there’s an overwhelming black section now). In my defense, I’ve never known anything else.

– I can move my eyes independently of each other and wiggle my ears.

– It’s taken me years to realize that I’m an introvert. In the past I did all the social things you’re supposed to do, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized I don’t like those things and I’d much rather stay at home or spend time with a small group of friends. I do like trying new things and going to events, but I’ll usually hide behind my camera or phone.

– Practicality is a big thing for me. It applies on multiple levels (shoes, design, etc). Although, it is occasionally acceptable for something to be outrageously impractical. As the French say – “everything in moderation. Including moderation.”