Happy holidays from me and mine to you and yours

From me and mine to you and yours, we hope you have a relaxing few days this Christmas season. Yes, this year is not going to be a normal Christmas, but if we do it right, next year will be so much better.

We’ve kept ourselves busy at home this holiday with lots of movies, toys, gaming and painting; I got a kick-start on painting our living room. It’s in no way complete as I’ve only been painting one section at a time. This is the only corner that’s been updated with burgundy.

However you choose to spend your time off, whether it is something that seems tedious like painting or not, I hope you get to do a few things you love and spend it with someone or something [pets included] close to you.

The before photos of our turd-brown living room*

We’ve lived in our home for over a year and there’s a lot of it I haven’t shown just yet. I can’t really explain why. For a lot of areas in our home, I’m still figuring out what I’d like to change or update or keep as is. I guess I don’t want to share something until I can say, “But wait! I know what I want to do that will make it look better!” Or maybe it’s that we’ve lived in our home for over a year and I’ve only managed to update three rooms [and only documented one of them].

Case in point: our living room [not to be confused with our front room, which is like a secondary living room]. Our living room has very tall ceilings [maybe 11 feet?] and as you may have gathered from the title, is prominently brown. I’m not going to shame this shade of brown as it’s not a bad shade, but I don’t think it suits this room nor this setting so it’s time for a change. Now that I have some time off for the Christmas holidays and we’re heading into a second major lock down, I figured there was no better time than now to climb a ladder and annoy my family with the squeaky, rusted roller I refuse to throw out because it still technically works. Carpe diem.

Going counter-clockwise around the room, here is our main living space. And you would be correct, I did zero tidying before taking these photos. Nor did I warn my family:

There is a ton of storage in our living room and we don’t even use all of it. I love the built-ins. They’re not going anywhere. I’m not however in love with where our TV is and I would ideally like to move the TV or in time get a projector / screen situation so we could put the couch somewhere else.

I like the desk in the bay window, but there are some changes I’d like to make to it. I used to work here when I first started WFH in November 2019, but once covid hit and both Robert and Cora were home with me all day, all of us being in this room all day then in the evenings to relax really got to me, so I eventually moved upstairs.

I’m planning on painting this room – wait for it – burgundy. I know absolutely no one is surprised by that since the last two living rooms we’ve had have been burgundy. I have a type and I’m not ashamed by it.

“I know you don’t want to hear this but I have to say it: you can’t paint every room in our house burgundy”

– My ex-husband Robert

Robert was not surprised, but was worried because I mentioned I’d like the front hall to also be burgundy [with hand painted wallpaper] and felt the need to immediately veto the idea of an entirely burgundy house. Bless.

I should have alternatively called this post: “Robert’s Afternoon Nap on a Giant Bear in Eight Parts“.

Poor guy.

I really should have warned him. I doubt he’ll ever see this though.

I wanted to finish the tour of the before photos of our brown living room with this very annoying design choice the previous owner made when building the extension onto our house: neither the bay window nor the pendant light fixture [which doesn’t work] are centered to the view from the rest of the house from this hallway. It irks me and I sometimes want to get a sledge hammer to them in an attempt to move them more to the left.

*“Why the strangely specific blog title?”, I hear you ask. WordPress has a new feature where it encourages you to achieve a more unique blog post title by scoring you. My original post, “Our living room – before” got a score of 27/100. “Use less common and more descriptive words!”. It seems once you throw turd-brown in the title, I suddenly get 66/100. WordPress is a dirty girl.

Our Burgundy Goth Garden

I’m adding a brand new category to my blog that in my nearly 9 years of blogging I’ve never had – garden!

This summer I’ve not done a huge amount with our garden as this is our first summer in our new house and since I had no idea what was planted, I let our garden go completely wild. And I mean wild. There’s a lot of colour in our garden – some of which I like, and some I don’t. Almost everything that can bloom has bloomed, so I know what isn’t planted and that’s my favourite colours; burgundy, black and dainty pink.

My neighbour Lesley gave me a bulb catalogue from Veseys this week and to say I had over $300 in bulbs in my cart within minutes is an understatement. I removed a good few items [I was today years old when I found out how expensive peony bulbs are. Welp], but I wanted to share some of the things I did order:

A B O V E :
1. Blackwater Iris from Veseys
2. Wine Lowers Tulip Blend from Veseys
3. Blacklist Lily from Veseys
4. I Pink I Can Iris from Veseys
5. Salmon Impression Darwin Tulip from Veseys
6. Twist of Sheree Iris from Veseys

I ordered 72 tulip bulbs altogether. There’s no way to play that number down so I’m going to own it. I didn’t get as much of everything else, but I’m hoping it’s possible to split the roots or get seeds from them next autumn and be able to divide everything else into more plants as time goes on.

I won’t get the bulbs until autumn when the plants are finished their current cycle, so it will be later this year before I plant them. It means they won’t bloom until next spring, but I on occasion have such huge levels of patience that I can wait a year or more for something. Sometimes. Only when it’s not food-related.

A B O V E :
1. Baby Boo Edible Pumpkin from The Seed House
2. Porcelain Doll Pumpkin from Veseys
3. Blano Pumpkin from Veseys
4. Futtsu Black Pumpkin from The Seed House

Speaking of food-related, I also ordered seeds for TONS OF PUMPKINS. I didn’t find any pumpkin seeds that I liked in time for planting this year, but next year I’m going to have the witchiest garden full of pumpkins. They are going to overrun our yards and I’m more than okay with that.

Of the few things that I planted this year that I actually have grown are black tomatoes and bobo hydrangeas. I have my neighbour Lesley and another neighbour Gord, for giving me their black tomato plant seedlings earlier this year, to thank. I haven’t felt more appreciative than when both neighbours offered me their black tomatoes after sensing my eternal gothness.

FULL DISCLOSURE: neither of these photos are mine. I can only wish.

Image cred: 3 and 4

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