Update – boudoir blanket

Here in Dublin, the first chills of autumn are setting in. I dug out my all time favourite autumn scarf and engulfed myself in it over the weekend. I heart autumn and winter {to some peoples horror, that includes my mother}, and love nothing more than curling up on the couch with a yarn project. I thought no better time to give you an uppy-wupdate on my our boudoir blanket.

I’ve crocheted a substantial enough of a chunk of her so far {yeah, this blanket is a damn lady} to graduate onto the first stripe. I was so up in the air about what colour to choose – hot pink or purple? I only decided on a colour this week.

The main grey I’m working with is an Aran wool which means I was limited to Aran colours for the stripe. It was either hot pink {left stripe} or purple {right stripe}. I was cut throat and immediately ruled out the purple; as you can see, it was blugh. I really wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and go with hot pink, but I was still too hesitant. I managed to find a third Aran wool {middle stripe} that was the Goldilocks to my dilemma – just right. A little bit of column A, and a little of column B, and home it came.

After a long day I look forward to being an utter slob on the couch with a good yarn project. I just hope I finish said boudoir blanket in time for winter. I already know for my next blanket project, I’m going with little granny squares. Those you can bring on the bus. Not this lady. You can’t tell by the pictures, but she’s a Kardashian – at 6.5 feet wide, she’s feminine and substantial. Baby got back.

A note on my attempted Tunisian crochet – hella no. I caved and went back to old fashioned double crochet within a couple of days. I found the Tunisian crochet slow, tricky and ended up making me very anxious. Seeing as our boudoir blanket is more than 6.5 feet wide, I gave the Tunisian crochet a pass on this project. I’ll try my hand at it later, but for now, it shall not pass.

New project – boudoir blanket*

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve worked with yarn. If too much time passes between pieces, I get a serious case of idle hands, so I had been on the lookout for a new project. I spotted this Tunisian crochet pattern a couple of weeks ago, and I was sold. I really liked the little square pattern it produced. Sign me up for all of that please.

I then YouTubed ‘Tunisian crochet pattern’ {as I can’t read patterns. I have to watch them}, and found this great tutorial by TheCrochetSide. There was however one thing that baffled me about Tunisian crochet – it has its own special massive crochet hook. And I mean massive. I had never heard of such witch craft, so I was immediately disheartened and thought I’d never find one. Luckily, I didn’t have far to look and Home Focus at Hickeys came to the rescue again … 

Those puppies are an eye-watering 14 inches long {that’s what she said}. Another interesting thing about Tunisian crochet is that it’s a cross between knitting and crochet – you have multiple loops/stitches on the hook at any given time {as seen in the first pic}. It sounds confusing, but it’s a simple pattern once you get the hang of it. 
I then spotted this blanket on Pinterest, and knew it was perfect. It was such a simple pattern, and was just what I was looking for – a bedroom blanket. It would work perfectly with the Tunisian pattern. Except for one thing. I can’t decide on what colour the feature stripe should be. I did a little mock-up for you to feast your eyes on … 

#qp_main24294 .qp_btna:hover input {background:rgb(150,150,150)!important}

Hot pink stripe
Purple stripe


I need your ever-knowledgeable help guys. What do you think? Hot pink would be a break from the norm, but then again a dark purple / winegum colour stripe would be perfect … I’m so indecisive. Give me your brains. 

*Sorry. This isn’t a sexy, intricate or mysterious blanket. ‘Boudoir‘ blanket just sounded a lot better than ‘bedroom‘ blanket. 

Man blanket

I was in the thralls of doubt when I set myself the task to crochet a blanket for my broseph’s birthday, which when I started, gave me less than 4 weeks to complete. But yesterday afternoon, 30 minutes before we left for his birthday events, I finished it. Massive sigh of relief …

As I wrote in my first post, broseph and I worked together on the blanket design – I wanted to make sure I was making a blanket that he actually was going to like. After many e-mails and Excel magic, here is what we came up with … 
Mucho manly. Mostly gunmetal grey with stripes of red and grey and a final black border. When I first started crocheting it I wasn’t convinced of the pattern and colour choice. It took until the very end when I added the black border, which was the certain je ne sais quois it needed, and I was convinced. I became a bit jealous as I secured it in a gentleman’s belt to hand over to broseph.

Oh, and something I failed to mention, broseph is 6’3″, so I had my work cut out for me. I was determined to crochet him a suitably sized man blanket. Here are the deets –

– size 7 / 4.50mm crochet hook
– 160 stitches wide, double crochet throughout
– 16 rows of gunmetal grey in between stripe patterns
– one row of single crochet border in black followed by a second row of double crochet also in black
– the final piece was taller than broseph, so close to 7 feet {zomg my crippled hands}
– {additional note} I used roughly 3 or 4 400g skeins of Aran wool in gunmetal grey for the main colour

It wasn’t completed without some war wounds – I developed a twitch in my left eye due to strain which is still to this moment thumping away {going 5 days strong}, and I also mangled my wrist since I had to pull some long hours to meet my deadline, but wrist is fine now. Having said that, it was thoroughly approved by broseph which is all I could ask for. And luckily, it matches his bedroom as well. Misson complete. 
xx A