Living room makeover – painting update

At long last, our canvas is at peace. After my previous attempt, I knew exactly how I wanted to paint it, and finally finished it late last night.

I’ve really enjoyed uncomplicated artwork as of late, so I thought why not magic some up for myself. I wanted it to pop, for it to remain monochromatic, and something artsy fartsy yet simple going on in the middle. I also chose to hang it up compared to it previously sitting on our shelf, which I think has made a huge difference. 

At the moment I’m conscious of it looking a bit pretentious. But I’m really, really happy with it this time around, so that’s trumping my hesitations. 

And below, the ‘work’ I had done on it previously. I felt a whole mess of guilt painting over it at first thanks to your incredibly sweet and thoughtful comments, but for me, it’s previous state made me want to barf a little I felt wasn’t to its full potential. 

I finished painting late last night, and when husband saw it this morning all I heard was “Woah. That looks a lot better” from down the hallway. Happy face.

I hope you guys had a relaxing and / or refreshing weekend! It’ll be Mothers Day on Sunday here in Ireland so I’m determined for no last minute malarky this year. I have a couple tricks up my sleeve … 

xx A

Lately + ‘Less 365’ update

I’m inching closer and closer towards completing our living room makeover. BUT – I’m at a bit of a stand-still. I’m indecisive about the IKEA Stockholm Rand rug. My only hesitation – durability and pet-proofness. Do any of you have this rug, and more importantly, how has it held up? I need your brains! Are the crisp white stripes still white? For me, white material on a floor = I immediately turn into a chickenshit. Add two cats to the equation, and I’m worried it’s going to be a fur magnet.

Just image searching living rooms with that rug is making me want to drive to IKEA. Like, 10 minutes ago.

I realize me writing about getting a new rug doesn’t really flow well into my next topic – Project Less 365, but alas, it is all part of the grand scheme of bettering our living space. Last weekend Project ‘Less 365’ commenced in full force. Our kitchen was my chosen target and I compiled a nice little bundle for the charity shop / things to go back to their owners. 

It’s a bit embarrassing to show you our tea towel / table accessory cupboard, but I’m amazed at how much room is left now that I’ve trimmed the fat. It’s also almost a relief as well. Too much stuff makes Alex a dull girl. This was the worst area and I hated how much shoving and stuffing was happening here. The rest of the kitchen was a breeze once this was sorted, and it’s very much been ‘kitchen calm’ since. 

Project ‘Less 365’ Tip: don’t overwhelm yourself with the idea of clearing out your entire home. You’re going to crash and it won’t get done. Tackle one cupboard at a time, one room at a time, one weekend at a time. It’s taken how many years for you to acquire all that crap? It’s not going to go away that quickly.

Happy Friday homies! Keep your eyes peeled for some cross stitching delights happening here soon. xx A

Image cred 1 and 2.

I want it now – Rachel Allen’s kitchen

A couple of months ago I blogged about Nigel Slater’s kitchen and how I watch his show to creep his kitchen. Every Saturday morning I do some solid creeping of Rachel Allen’s these days. I really adore modern, streamline kitchens but I always, always gravitate to cute kitchen details in my own home. I can’t avoid it. I’m just the kind of person who needs a cottage kitchen feel. I think Rachel’s kitchen {whether it’s real or not} is a pretty solid mix of modern and cutie petutie. 
A playful mix of dainty pinks, cranberry reds and a couple of carefully placed purple tumbler glasses. The pink Le Creuset cookware. A mix of modern and traditional ceramics. Pretty potted herbs, pink chopping boards. And that Belfast sink – kill me now. 

This kind of shit makes me want to buy a home of my own and drape cute things on anything that will stand still. Although I will say there is a bit too much going on in parts of the kitchen for me. I’d have a touch less cluttery bits. 
Image 1 and 2, 3, and 4