Thrifty things – sailor’s farewell

What better way to update my recent lack of nautical wonderfulness than with this little treasure. A cup I thought had enough je ne sais quoi to have it’s own blog post.

I picked up this little beaut at Vincent’s charity shop back when I spent a solid day thrifting delicate delicates where I also picked up three pink vintage vases.

It’s up to it’s eyes in tall ships, dreamy clouds, people doing stuff like waving, plus an old school New York State Seal. €3? A touch steep for a tiny charity shop cup, but yes please nonetheless.

Pretty shoes and tattoos

After months and months of sketching and careful consideration, I got two real tattoos, compared to my previous one.

It took me months to finalize my drawings for my feet; I’ve always liked the idea of tattoos on feet. In my original design I had robins, poppies, knitting needles, wool, a set square, and sweet pea along with what you see above, but my drawings were way too packed. After a lot of humming and hawing I narrowed down my drawings to a skull, a hydrangea, and an anchor {my three favorite things}. I added some scrolls to add some flow, and threw in some mentions. There’s no direct connection between the objects and my parents. Just some stories, and that one is more feminine than the other.

Since I wear tights 99.3% of the year, my tats will only come out on special occasions. But in the end, how many people can say they’ve drawn their own tattoos? Old school tattoos at that.

Tattoo done by Neil at Dragon Tattoo

Rockin’ roll

I feel adding text to this entry is decreasing the awesomeness of the Traditional Tattoo Kitchen Roll by Rocket St George.

Described as “20 meters of fun with this fantastic kitchen roll featuring fabulous traditional tattoo designs”, at £5.50 per roll I am very tempted. But just one roll. And I would actually use it. Sparingly.