Three years deep

It’s hard to believe that yesterday was our 3rd wedding anniversary. It only dawned on us a couple days previously that our anniversary was fast approaching, so while we didn’t do much yesterday it was still a lovely day of comfort food, couch cuddles, movies and mulled wine; Robert adores mulled wine and mince pies and therefore both were served after our ceremony to our guests on our cold and rainy wedding day three years ago. However, since Robert and I were rushed off to have our photos taken immediately after our ceremony, not a drop or crumb was left for us to enjoy when we returned indoors. Massive welp. So yesterday we celebrated with a killer batch of mulled wine made by Robert and some mince pies. Patience is a virtue?

Today is also a great day as it’s Canadian Thanksgiving, so I think we’ll indulge in another round of mulled wine with pumpkin pie and a bit of a feast with my family. Hell yes. 

If you’d like, you can see a bit more about our big day way back when here. And happy Thanksgiving if you’re celebrating! 

A little something on the side (table)

It’s about to get romantic all up in here friends. This time last month we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We journeyed back to Dunboyne Castle, where we got married on a surreal autumn day. We of course booked a room for our anniversary, a fabulous dinner, and breakfast the next morning. We checked in and when I got to our room, this is what I found … 

Husband had been sneaking. He got in contact with the florists we used for our wedding {the lovely Dolores and Brian from Dunboyne Flowers}, he e-mailed them reminder pictures of our wedding flowers, and back in August ordered the most gorgeous hydrangeas from Holland, which were the exact match to my wedding bouquet, and had them delivered to our hotel. Gentlemen, take note. 

I never got to keep my bouquet from our wedding as the drunk girl young lady who caught it, kept it. I think that’s how the rules go, don’t they? But the romance-ball that husband is, he gave me a second chance to swoon over my bouquet all over again. 
They were incredibly delicate hydrangeas and unfortunately didn’t last very long. Since the first time around I didn’t get a memento of my bouquet, I stole a couple buds and leaves here and there and squashed them in a Harry Potter book highly respected novel for adults for a couple of weeks.

Yesterday I did a quick revamp on an old picture frame I had by spray painting it my all time fav spraypaint – Montana’s ‘winegum’, stuck on some leftover black and white ribbon I had used on our wedding boutonnieres / button holes, and framed the pressed and dried hydrangea pieces. It’s a perfect little addition of oomph to my nightstand. Yes and yes. 

One year in

To add to my ongoing love affair with autumn, this year, October is extra special. Exactly one year ago today, husband and I tied the knot. Neither of us can believe a year has already passed, and we’re still weirdly in disbelief. Tonight we’re heading back to Dunboyne Castle where we got married, and spending a romantic evening drinking lots of wine. I took a trip yesterday and got my hands on some of our wedding cake especially for today. You see, we didn’t get a hugely ornate cake for our wedding. We both adore carrot cake, so we ordered a massive cake from Manning’s Bakery {Homer drool sound}. So whenever we want, we can sneak to our local bakery and pick up a slice or two. Or four slices. And then accidentally eat two slices for breakfast and tell your husband you only bought two slices like what I’m going to have to do today. Oops.
For our first anniversary we stuck to the tradition of paper. Well, I did at least. I got husband tickets to one of our favourite comedians, and a card too. However, it took me about 45 minutes to write on it because I was crying so hard {good tears}. I closely resembled Alice Cooper by the time I finished writing. 
I’m always interested to hear other people’s traditions, so all the lovey couples out there – do you have your own anniversary traditions? And do you follow the ‘wedding anniversary rules‘? xx A