My favorite picks – autumnal love

1. Conkers. As long as they fall out of trees, I will collect them. Since moving back to Ireland, collecting conkers is a real sign of autumn for me. 
2. Aromatic mulled wine by Marks & Spencer. This could be considered a Christmas drink, but to me it is an autumn and winter drink. Pour yourself a mug, pop it in the microwave and drink yourself into a magical stupor. 
3. Simone, by Jessica Harrison. Hauntingly beautiful with a side of gore. These mini porcelain sculptures are wonderful, but at times make you squirm. Perfect for getting you in the mood for Halloween. More cringe-worthy sculptures on her site including Maria, who enjoys long walks and holding her intestines. 
4. Pumpkin pie. It really needs no introduction. Quite possibly my favorite pie, my dad made a killer one for Thanksgiving. Happy {Canadian} Thanksgiving!

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