Street Feast 2011

This Sunday the 28th of August is the annual Street Feast held all around Ireland. This event has been around for decades, where within any given community people get together outside to encourage openness within their neighborhood, to feel safer in your community, to reduce loneliness and isolation, to share your culinary passion {aka stuff your face}, and more importantly to get to know your neighbors – something unfortunately not a lot of us know.

I for one am hoping to make a couple of North American dishes – tourtiere, pumpkin pie or pecan pie. Robert would like us to serve the illusive and ever-tasty poutine, but since we wouldn’t be able to keep it hot we thought it would be best to give it a miss.

It’s not too late to organize a Street Feast of your own! Official, or unofficial, get out and get to know your neighbors. Break down those barriers and get your eat on.

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