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It’s taking a little longer than expected, but I’m slowly working away at our living room revamp. If I could, I’d pick up the IKEA Stockholm Rand rug as I’d love to get that added to our living space, but alas, we don’t have a car, and something tells me I would rather drive dull spoons into my eye sockets than lug that thing over two bus routes, through Dublin, in order to get it home.
BUUUUT, until we bum a lift off an unsuspecting victim, I have stifled my design thirst with my most recent purchase. It’s a biggie for me, and I want it to hurry the hell up and get here already. It’s only the Karlsson flip clock …

24.5cm² of silver, flippy goodness. Om nom nom. I expect this to happen to my facial region whence the packaging is torn open … 

I will shit a kitten. And yes, I foresee myself waiting until the stroke of midnight, much like a giddy child on Christmas eve, waiting in anticipation for all the flips to flap.

When the lord giveth, he also taketh away, in the form of one of our cats decided to reorganize our living room while we were in work this week. Husbands birthday present this year – a watercolour of the Dude’s cardigan by moi. Sad face. I suppose, another excuse reason to go to IKEA! p.s. Kitties are unscathed, just a little startled. 

But until then, I hope to get some sweet, sweet posts sorted this weekend for some {hopeful} goodness next week.

I’m also contemplating decorating our home this weekend for the holidays. But, every fiber of my being is screaming, telling me it’s too early. Last year we decorated on the 1st of December, but by New Years, I wanted my apartment back, so I’m hesitating this year to decorate too early. BUT for sure, there will be some Christmas crafting going down this weekend.

Later homies!
xx A

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  1. November 30, 2012 / 03:28

    Your blog is my favourite. Seriously.
    For that meme alone, and your sass. If only we lived closer, I could invite you for tea, crochet and sarcasm.