Custom Christmas colours – part 1

I’ve noticed a big theme this season where people are straying from the typical Christmas hues, and going more suited to their taste and existing decor. I adore Christmas, but I’m not a massive fan of green and fire-engine red combo in our apartment, and I’ve had an itch to try something new. Since I’m going down the aubergine, burgundy and black route with our decor, why not keep it up for the holidays?

Starting off with whom I believe to be one of the most painfully talented ladies on the blogosphere, Christine from Bijou and Boheme. This is her home from last Christmas, but nonetheless, this shit is tore up from the floor up and I can’t wait to see what she concocts for Christmas this year. I want to eat her entire house. Serious design crush happening.

Sarah over on Two One Nine shared her black, gold and silver Christmas tree which works so well with her insanely bold and beautiful living room. It takes serious balls to carry off this black-on-black number. Scrum-didilly-umptious.

Kristin from The Hunted Interior wrote this week about how she’s organizing her Christmas colours this year based around one of her favourite prints hanging in her living room. Utilizing all that pink, green and orangeness for a super fresh Christmas twist.

Why not take a look at what you’ve got going on in your home and go with the flow? You can still maintain a Christmassy feel with an alternative colour palette. 
Over the weekend I’ll be jazzersizing my existing Christmas ornaments {reduce, reuse, recycle} to better suit our living space, and fingers crossed, if they don’t look shit, I’ll be blogging them next week. Super simple stuff like adding a bit of ribbon, mastering a few yarn pom-poms, a shit-tonne of glitter, and my favourite lazy go-to these days – spray paint.

Happy Friday homies! I hope you start your weekend well, after all, the festive seasons kicks off tomorrow.


Custom Christmas – part 1, part 2, and part 3.
Image cred 1 and 2, 3, 4 and 5.

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    You are so sweet- such a lovely little blub you wrote up in there…thank you!!!!