Kitschen shelves

Last weekend I spent some long overdue focus on our kitchen. I enjoy silly things like fussing over arranging a display, and sadly our kitchen was lacking this attention. Since I have so many little fecky kitchen things I’d love to show off, cheap shelves were purchased, colour was applied {‘winegum’ spray paint from Montana}, father’s skills and drills were summoned, and kitsch was applied to the kitchen. 
This space had hanging storage already, but it was driving me insane as it never looked tidy. You may have noticed, our shelves are placed up against a door. We haven’t opened said door in 4 years, so this is not a concern {it’s just a secondary entrance to our hallway}. 

I’m not finished tweaking and rearranging the shelves just yet, but for the moment I’m very happy with how its turned out. I like the balance of old lady / nerdy stuff / old and new mix that’s going on. I’m contemplating adding either a painting above or below, or some action along the lines of bunting / dangly stuff, but I think I’ll let the shelves settle in first. 
xx A
Top shelf – coral {thrifted}, vintage vase {thrifted},  matroyshka measuring cups {ordered online}, tea cup plates {thrifted}, Star Wars Cookbook {ordered online}, other cookbooks {store bought}. Bottom shelf – Marcel Wanders candle {store bought}, milk pourer kitty {gifted}, teacups and saucers {thrifted}, cheese plate {thrifted}, skull salt and pepper shakers {thrifted}, and weighing scales {inherited}.

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  1. Barb_in_GA
    March 27, 2013 / 13:18

    I've got to do this. Problem is, the only location for the shelves is next to a door that gets used. A lot. Whatever I put there will have to be 'slam-proof'. Love the shelf color, BTW!

    • April 3, 2013 / 09:16

      Oh that's such a pain Barb. There is the alternative to take the door off its hinges? We've done it in the past before and it's worked a treat. Of course, only if it's an unnecessary door.

  2. March 27, 2013 / 18:00

    Star Wars Cook Book = awesome.
    'nuff said.

  3. March 28, 2013 / 03:48

    when I read winegum spray,I think of purple winegums and instantly want to eat one. Anyhooo Mike would love that Star Wars Cookbook, it's freaking awesome. He had fun with the Lego R2D2 that I bought him for xmas. I even helped build a part of him, I was quite impressed with my Lego building skills. I of course would like that vase and those teacups.

    • April 3, 2013 / 09:13

      Haha, I bought Star Wars Lego for my man too! I let him put it all together though. He literally turned into a 6 year old again.

      Lego was my all time favourite toy when I was growing up.