Leatherdos mini tool hair clip

I have a new gadget in my ammunition which doubles as quite possibly my most useful accessory. It arrived this morning as a complete surprise in the post as a belated birthday present from husband, the Leatherdos mini tool hair clip. It’s perfect for my almost constant and unpredictable DIY needs and is small enough to fit in my purse. A teeny tool box on the go, it consists of a … 

– Large screwdriver
– 8mm [5/16] wrench
– Trolley coin
– Ruler
– Flat Phillips screwdriver and a small screwdriver
– Cutter

And it claims to also be able to … 

– Peel vegetables
– Become a slingshot [if the situation arises]
– Act as a candle
– Look cute in your hairs [although, I wouldn’t use it on the regular up there as it’s a bit sharp]

I can’t wait to be in a tricky situation so I can hold my hands up in a reassuring way, calmly reach into my hair, pick out what appears to be a regular old hair clip and save the day. You know, in case of a DIY apocalypse. I’ll be ready. 
xx A

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  1. September 28, 2014 / 12:29

    What a handy tool – wonder how it acts as a candle?? xx