Well hung

Two weeks ago I wrote about spotting this beaut one day during lunch. The Little Green is a cafe/bar which hosts artists’ work on a weekly basis, which is where I happened upon this piece by Bon. I needed it in my life. With a little sign that stated ‘pay what you want for artwork‘, I contacted Bon immediately. No, really. I e-mailed him before my lunch got to the table. A couple of days and a few awkward bus journeys later, this baby is home and hung. 
Who better to describe the piece better than the man himself; I was fortunate enough to get a quote from Bon about this particular piece – 

“I found the piece of board behind my house. It wasn’t an ordinary board; there was a company logo/stencil printed in the corner. The idea of this work just came up to me. The board looks like it came from a factory, and that’s why there are fishes stenciled on it in black because it’s like a symbol of toxic product. 

I think paining on boards such as this one is more satisfactory because I change items that somebody has thrown away and I have a chance to give them a second absolutely different life.”  

Talk about an awesome quote, and is exactly what drew me to the piece in the first place. It’s the first thing you see when you walk into our living room. This space worked out perfectly as this narrow wall is an exterior stone wall, and since this puppy is fierce heavy, I don’t think a plasterboard wall would have fared well.

And below, to give you an idea of exactly where it is in our home. Sorry for the grainy/wish-washy picture – me, camera and the cave-like lighting in our apartment were not getting along yesterday, but you get the idea. 

Boy, am I glad we walked into The Little Green that day. Check more of Bon’s awesome work here. xx A

The streets this week

This past week I spent a lot of time out and about in Dublin. I wish I owned one of those pedometer things because we walked some serious mileage. As it happens, this week was also heavy on the graffiti factor. No complaints here. 

We checked out the All City Jam graffiti gig held in the Tivoli car park, and it was chalk full of inspiration. In hindsight, hubby and I probably should have showed up a bit later in the day as a lot of the graffiti were works-in-progress while we were there. There were some amaze-balls stuff nonetheless … 

The pictures do zero justice. I think I’ll have to creep down to the Tivoli car park later this week to see the finished work as there were some serious pieces being made. 

A stroll through the park with some aftermath of this years cherry blossoms here in Dublin. I also fed some tiny swan babies and may have talked to them for 20 minutes about how cute they were like a crazy lady. Just couldn’t help myself.

Last and in no way least, I lunched at The Little Green where I ate along side the work of their featured artist this week, Bon …

I saw all 4’6″ of this, and had to have it. And I did. More to come on that tasty number once I get my hands on it this week. I’m not sure where it’ll go just yet, but I’ll enjoy giving it a tour of our place I’m sure. Cannot. Wait.

I hope you guys had a good weekend! I think we had our summer yesterday here in Dublin, as today is back to cold and miserable weather. I got to finally crack out the flip flops so I was a happy girl. xx A

Safe and sound

Seven days after wrapping, hugging and sending off Hilda’s hydrangea painting Stateside, I’m happy to say it arrived safely to its new owner! Barbara sent me this lovely picture of her and her handsome feline friend Smokey, who Barb admitted, doesn’t look too impressed with her new painting {lord knows how much my cats dis my stuff!}. But us humans know when to appreciate a good hydrangea painting when we see one. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – very jealous of your winnings Barb.

And best of luck on the epic task that is deciding on how to frame that beauty! Shadow box? Add matting? Black, or dare I say a colour frame? A charity shop revamp job? Decisions, decisions … 😉 xx A