The Big Goldstein

In a semi-vegitative state over the weekend {after submitting a rather stressful project}, I found myself watching E! I don’t like to admit it, but sometimes I need an artery-clogging helping of bad television. Although, if I watch a lot of it in one go, I feel my brain starting to go mushy and my vocabulary deteriorates at an alarming rate.
How’d You Get So Rich? hosted by Joan Rivers was on. I don’t mind watching it since half of it is snooping around the houses of the rich and famous. In this particular episode Joan explored the house of a fashion junkie – James Goldstein. It took me a couple of minutes to recognize his house – there’s no mistaking those couches.

It screams bachelors pad to no end, and is featured as the house of Jackie Treehorn in one of my favorite movies – The Big Lebowski.
Goldstein’s house has to be one of the most dangerous houses I’ve ever seen. Situated on the top of Benedict Canyon in Los Angeles, the house is built jutting from the face of the canyon, to take in the most of the surrounding sights. What gives the house the unmistakable feeling of danger is the hallway to the spare bedrooms {as seen below} – there are no walls or windows to the south side of the house to stop you falling into the canyon below. It has a 400ft drop to the south of the house, with small amounts of vegetation – for aesthetics – between you and the bottom.

Up next is James’ bedroom {not just architecture danger here ladies. Google image search him}. At the push of a button, the windows unfold upon the farthest point of the house, revealing stunning views of LA {as seen below}.
I’ve included more of my favorite pics of Goldstein’s house. I know his house is not to everyones taste. It’s very much you either like it or hate it, but I’ve got to admit I am on the side of liking.

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