Setting the mood

These are my most favorite movies to watch to get in the mood for Halloween. Most are from when I was younger, but there are a few recent favorites. I grew up watching Beetlejuice – the movie as well as the tv show. When I watch it these days, it makes me wonder how censored current-day children’s movies are. Beetlejuice is an effed up kids movie. But it’s awesome.
Only two of these movies truly scare me. One for good reason since I’m nyctohylophoblic, and the other thanks to a rather horrid babysitter I had when I was younger {I was barely able to google image search the movie poster}.

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  1. peter
    October 30, 2010 / 17:57

    I saw Beetlejuice again recently – never realized how much I liked it. I like Winona Ryder a lot. I'm glad someone else likes Hocus Pocus.