Thrifty things – 70’s satchel

Towards the end of my lunch break some weeks ago, I popped into one of the charity shops on my way back to work. As I was leaving, I spotted a 70’s style satchel in the mens section. I really liked it, and thought to myself – if it’s still there tomorrow, I’ll buy it. An “if its meant to be” deal. And would you believe – it was there the next day*. Not only is it awesome, but it’s very similar to an old burgundy luggage travel set my parents have.
I haven’t a clue what material this bag is made of, but it’s heavy duty. It’s sturdy and hasn’t worn at all, considering it’s around 40 years old at this stage. It also has a belt-style strap. I’ve been using this bag every day since I got it. Vincent’s charity shop, €2. Further proof of how awesome charity shops are.
*I may or may not have hidden said bag at the back of a clothes rack the day before.

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