Fictional design – S&tC 2

When it comes to crunch time in college, I usually put a movie or series on repeat to keep me company through the overwhelming hours. In the past I found comfort in watching every episode ever of the Sex & the City series since it’s just long enough to watch over a couple of sleepless nights. Or weeks.
In Sex & the City 2 I couldn’t help but admire Big and Carrie’s new abode. It’s a bit color-mashy for my personal taste, but I still think it’s wonderful. I like how some aspects are crowded and over sized. It makes me look forward to having a real grown up home. 

I’m in a constant struggle with how to organize my bookshelves. They change weekly. Maybe I’ll tackle something like Big and Carrie’s dining room, but out of all the pictures, the walk-in wardrobe is the most of what I want. Not that I own a lot of clothes or shoes, but I really like the juxtaposition between Carrie and Big’s sides – how their own sides suit each other so well. And how a little of Carrie has snuck onto Big’s side.
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