One word – poutine

Last night I asked fiance what he wanted for dinner, and he replied with a one word answer – poutine. For those of you to yet experience the glory that is poutine, I’m letting you know now that you are missing out. 

Poutine originated in the 1950’s in Quebec, the french province of Canada. My best memories of this dish are from high school, where poutine was served every day in the cafeteria. I still remember – plain fries were $1.50, fries and gravy were $2, and poutine was $2.50, served in brown recycled trays which would start to get soggy if you didn’t scoop up the gravy fast enough.

This is pure comfort food. Get on the couch, put a movie on and eat with a fork, spoon or your fingers, as we used to. I make it sparingly since healthy meals have been seared into my brain {thanks mom}, but every once in a while, I need this. All the gorey gorgeous details below.

Fries or chips – depending if you’re North American or from the UK
Cheese curds or grated white cheese
Brown gravy
All of the above – as much as desired

Cook fries / chips for as long as outlined on the package – roughly 20 minutes. While they’re cooking, prepare your gravy. Homemade gravy is preferable and makes it even more delicious, but granulated gravy will work. If you can’t find cheese curds, don’t worry. I haven’t come across any in my seven years here, so grated white cheese is an acceptable alternative. 

Once everything’s cooked and grated, add the fries / chips to your plate, layer on the cheese, and then drown it with gravy like it’s a house on fire. I went a bit heavy with the gravy in this picture, but that’s because I like my poutine struggling for air. A true treat that reminds me of home. 

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  1. September 14, 2011 / 13:33

    Oh! You need to come back. Toronto now has a few gourmet Poutineries – i've had a vegetarian goat cheese and mushroom gravy, or there's lamb sausage and brie, mmmmmmm.
    Normally reserved for a late night dinner that had predrinking involved, once every 3 months or so!
    I haven't been to this place yet ( but thank goodness it's not in my neighbourhood – you're giving me cravings!

  2. September 14, 2011 / 14:44

    Poutineries – what! Oh damn those sound gorgeous. Especially that vegetarian one since I'm a big fan of mushrooms and goats cheese. If I wasn't so full from lunch at the moment I'd have more poutine for dinner after looking at that menu!

    Watch out T.O. Imma coming for you.

  3. September 15, 2011 / 05:38

    I must say I was very curious as to what Poutiine was. I am quite keen to give this a go.

  4. September 18, 2011 / 01:09

    omg poutine is my fave food