My favorite picks – getting in gear

1. All you can eat Sunday’s at Yo! Sushi. Need I say more? 
2. Puma BodyTrain LSI’m getting my ass in gear since I’m painfully unfit, and these babies are doing it. I’ve been so good recently, walking 3.6km every morning. Plus, they’re really comfortable. Now, where’s my bag of Minstrels … 
3. Crivit raincoat from LIDL. That’s right, a raincoat. I went in to get a bottle of wine the other day, and came out with this raincoat. But seriously, it’s miles better than my previous, and I’ve used it every day this week.
4. House and Home September/October edition. It’s been in my handbag for the past two weeks, and for good reason. I don’t want to say why, because I don’t want to jinx it 🙂
It’s kind of been a very long time since I updated my favorite picks. Probably because I think it’s a bit silly, but it forces me to keep track of the things I’ve found useful or cute over the past week or two. 

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