A Visual Feast – Irish Street Art

New to my coffee table is this feast for my corneas staring some of Ireland’s finest street art. Compiled and documented by Rua Meegan and Lauren Teeling, A Visual Feast is a meal for my graffiti hungry eyes. 

I’ve been snapping pictures of graffiti for many years. I’m on the ‘for’ side of graffiti. Well, I should say, I’m for non-shitty graffiti. Ireland is a grey sheet of depressing grey clouds and equally grey buildings {except when the sun occasionally appears}, so the more colour on our derelict streets, the better. I think.
A couple of months ago when I saw this book of Irish Street Art on the shelves, I was very excited. Because at that moment I knew I wasn’t the only one stopping dead in my tracks and, where necessary, stepping onto the middle of the road to get a decent snap.
I’ve seen a healthy portion of the graffiti in Rua and Lauren’s book in real life, but nothing outside of Dublin unfortunately. This is a great alternative and just my kind of coffee table candy. Props to Rua and Lauren. I’ve included below a couple pieces I’ve appreciated and snapped myself that also appear in A Visual Feast. 

Canvas and Xπr, Abbey Street Middle or Lower, Dublin 1 {2008}. ESPO, Tivoli car park, Dublin 8 {2012}.

Littleman lips, walkway near the Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin 2 {2010}.

Unknown artist, Lincoln Inn construction boarding, Dublin 2 {2008}.

I Love Lamp sticker, side of a dumpster, Great Strand Street, Dublin 1 {2009}, R2D2 by Fink, South Circular Road, Dublin 8 {2009}.

Maser, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1 {2009}.

Do any of you out there share the same enthusiasm about graffiti as I do? Or do you think I’m off my tree, and you despise it?

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  1. March 27, 2012 / 06:40

    I dont have an aversion to good street art. Here in NZ we have a lot of crappy graffitti,(thanks to idiots who feel the need to ta everything with thier name. but every now and again you see some cool stuff. Like the "You are beautiful" and "take my Love".