Today was spent out and about in search of inspiration. First stop – Industry. I should hang my head in shame as this was the first time I had been. After an eerie amount of conversations this week relating back to Industry, I thought there was no better time than the present. So I went, and I proceeded to touch almost everything in the shop. I was very good and refrained from touching the staff and other customers. 

Porcelain remakes of tin cans and milk cartons add a pristine level of quirk to any kitchen. I especially adore the milk carton in glass, and I couldn’t resist so one came home with me. I actually pinned it ages ago, and now I have it. It reminded me so much of primary school in Canada – my parents would give me a juice box with my lunch every day, but sometimes I’d live on the edge and buy a carton of chocolate milk. Rebel.
Bold over-sized letters? Yes please. I’ve wanted a huge ‘C’ for our apartment for ages as it’s the initial of my maiden name, as well as my new married name. The over-sized ‘B’ will be sneaking into the next issue of House and Home as the lovely couple whose home I styled have one of their own. Very cool.

Some solid Irish graffiti representation through Lauren and Rua’s new book, InsideOut; Street/Art in Ireland. I have their first book so far, and it’s about time I invest in their second. Speaking of graffiti, should you be in Dublin this Saturday, the All City Jam at the Tivoli car park from 10am – 6pm is where I’ll be, creeping on some of my favourite Irish graffiti artists, taking an excessive amount of photos and generally looking very out of place. I’ll blog about it, no doubt.
I found so many swoon worthy pieces in Industry – gold detailed washi tape, rugged tea light holders, black twine, keyboard notepads, old and new and the perfect range of quirky pieces. All of which I want. I actually meant to pick up some of their washi tape, so it’s just the perfect excuse to go back really.  

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  1. May 15, 2013 / 19:19

    Ya, love it.
    I had a good chuckle at your 'restraint' in not touching the staff or customers.
    Great store – and great graffiti book!

    • May 18, 2013 / 17:43

      I was unsure about including that bit, but then I was all like, whatever.

      Industry got me wanting moar. I will for sure be going back. Very soon.

  2. John JJP
    May 17, 2013 / 07:31

    im really just starting to get into the rugged worn design stuff. i had HATED it before, but i think im a changed man lol.

    oh i want the glass milk cartone. i wish this store was in NY! please send me one lol.

  3. May 22, 2013 / 04:35

    OMG I would be touching everything too. The photos you shared seriously had me drooling. hmmm picking a drooling/touchy feely customer might get shown the door but it would be worth it just to bathe in all that gorgeousness!! Sigh……such a cool place.