DIY Friday – chuck it bucket*

Like most projects, this weeks DIY project started from habit. Our living room gets the most use, and therefore all of the things end up there. I’m a little bit of a neat freak {I can already hear my husband when he reads this – “a little?!“}, and if I’m sitting among chaos for too long, I can feel the crazy build up. When I gather all the stuff in our living room that’s to be redistributed back throughout our apartment, I noticed I was always dumping said stuff on the corner of our couch or by our living room door.

After a while, I started using a reusable shopping bag hanging on the door to collect said items, but to be honest, I wanted to gouge my eyes out from looking at it. That’s when I came up with the idea of having a basket on the floor which could easily accumulate our crap, and I could pick up and zip around the apartment with. Thus, the chuck it bucket was born.

I’m not claiming to be the inventor of this idea, but it’s something I’ve found immensely handy when it comes to tidying up, and thought it was an idea too good to keep to myself. But hold up, “where exactly does the DIY come into play, Alex” I hear you say. Well, I’ll tell you. I had seen Kirstie Allsopps dip-dyed basket DIY earlier this year and I had it firmly planted in my brain. When I was on the lookout for an appropriate basket / vessel, I had a plain, circular, woven basket with handles in mind. I was on the lookout for a long time, and finally found the perfect one in TK Maxx! But wait – it was too perfect. It was already dip-dyed white. Yes, I battled with myself – do I just pretend I dip-dyed it myself? Incredibly tempting, but no.

I had this dip-dye project in mind for so long as a DIY Friday, and now I can’t do it. But alas, my only justification is Kirstie’s link I included above which has thee most painfully easy DIY; just shove a basket in paint and you’re done. But, I still wanted to share my spiffy new basket. I jazzed it up a little bit by adding a mini black curtain tie-back from Home Focus at Hickeys. And lord knows, I like a little jazz.

I’ve had this basket for a couple days and already it has come in so handy just lugging stuff around our apartment. Chuck it in. Lug it around. End of story.

*Yeah, it’s a basket, not a bucket, but c’mon ‘chuck it bucket‘ sounds so much better.

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  1. October 25, 2013 / 23:00

    Great idea.
    I found I need more hooks at my entrance. And a dust bin would be helpful too for all of those random items that come in the house with me.

    • November 2, 2013 / 13:45

      Yeah I'm actually thinking of going back and buying another basket {bigger, obv} strictly just for the crap we accumulate in the hallway.

      I know this is an uber lame post, but I use it a crazy amount. So helpful.

  2. John JJP
    November 24, 2013 / 09:34

    this is *such* a good idea! im kicking myself i only saw this post now. i was in tj maxx the other day and i was even looking at their woven baskets ahhhh!! lol. this just gives me an excuse to go back lol.