Cardboard monogram, round 2

Way back when I worked on my broseph’s Canadian man cave one of the many things I made for his room was a cardboard monogram that I carved from a giant cardboard box I had laying around. I really liked the way his turned out so I made a mental note to make one for our own home. And then a year happened. Quite possibly exactly a year to the day [I blogged the office reveal on January 9th 2015, photographed it the day before and would have worked on the last few projects the days leading up to it]. I love when coincidences like that happen. 

I wanted to make a monogram ‘C’ for our own home after I made my broseph’s. My maiden name began with C and so does my married name so it conveniently represents both. A giant lump of cardboard may not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s something I like and enjoyed making. I had set aside two cardboard boxes that were just the right size to make enough C’s. If you’d like to make one of your own or for someone else, feel free to check out my full tutorial here! Happy reducing, reusing and recycling xx

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  1. January 13, 2016 / 18:28

    I always think it is most delightful that both your maiden name and your married name both begin with the same letter – so handy I feel!
    I have been searching for such a thing myself – I'm MM now, and would like to remain MM – fortunately Rob fits the bill! Not that he has any plans to marry me, it is early days, but it doesn't hurt to try out the potential married name and ensure that you are happy! 😉
    (PS – I originally put 'fits the boat' rather than 'fits the bill' and was thinking… hmmm something doesn't sound right there… but yeah, if you were getting into a little rowing boat with someone, you'd want to be sure they fit…! Ah, the logic! Luckily my brain started working again before I made too much of an idiot of myself..)

    • January 16, 2016 / 21:41

      Well for convenience reasons alone Maria, I'd go for it. Throw caution to the wind! I found it very handy especially in the beginning when we got married as I'd start to sign something, I'd begin to write my maiden name but remember half way through that it was the wrong name so I'd just stick a 'Y' on the end and it was all good.

      If the boat fits! x