Thrifty things – copper jelly moulds

Over the weekend I had some time to walk one of my favourite Dublin charity shop routes. I was on the lookout for nothing in particular, but kind of also had my radar possible nursery furniture. I didn’t find any furniture, however I did find these absolutely adorable copper jelly moulds. I’m super sappy these days so the heart-shaped piece jumped out at me immediately as well as the smaller mould. They were both marked as €1 each [!!!] in Age Action so I couldn’t not get them. 

I’m fairly certain they’re not vintage as they’re quite light and are actually more of a rose-gold colour than copper in real life [they look very much copper in these pictures]. I think the heart shaped mould would look really lovely hanging up in the baby’s room and the smaller one for holding all kinds of tiny baby related nonsense on a shelf. 

We’ll have to buy some brand new pieces for the nursery [cot, bedclothes etc], but for the most part I’m really hoping to find as many second hand pieces as possible. I have a vague idea of furniture, layout and colours at the moment, but I have yet to sit down and see if it will all work together. I’m feeling really good these days so I want to get stuck in painting and assembling and fussing over baby stuff! I figure I should start sooner rather than later before my energy levels drop back to non-existent.

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  1. April 21, 2016 / 02:09

    Yes, these would make excellent containers for all sorts of things, "baby". I love that idea. As for second hand stuff… ya, there is an awful lot out there that is great. Just avoid really old painted stuff (only for the lead paint aspect). Not really furniture, but we joined a FB group for moms/dads in our area. I get second hand clothes all the time. Great because at this young age, they wear it for 3 months and then grow out of it. Means you get a lot of almost new clothes for your munchkin for very little money. I wish I had discovered it sooner. Less clothes to the landfill!

    • April 23, 2016 / 19:40

      Ohhhh that's such a good point that didn't even cross my mind. If I spot anything a bit older that's painted, I'll definitely be careful about getting it. As it happens, I've for the most part been on the look out and gravitating toward wood pieces; even the crappier looking ones that could be remedied with a lick of paint.

      I just looked up to see if there's one of those groups here in Dublin and there are! Kind of. They mostly meet up once every couple of months for a market type thing. Woop!