One Room Challenge Spring 2022 – Week Eight!

It is here! At long last! It’s reveal day for this year’s One Room Challenge and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve had a busy few weeks outside of completing the ORC, so I’ve not had as much time as I’d like to complete it. So instead of beating myself up [like I do with most things], I’ve decided to style and photograph our home office as it currently is, and as time goes by and I finish my to-do list, I’ll update this post. My past self would be very surprised with how chill I am right now.

Enough about that. And more about my home office makeover!

A huge part of my ORC this year was paint related, with the most drama being when I accidentally ordered the wrong paint finish and had to, in total, paint the walls 7 times 🙃 That was fun. I spent a lot of time trying to level the ceiling [which worked out in the end] and it feels like not enough time making our home office pretty. But it’s a work in progress and no room stays the same, so I’m looking forward to adding further detail to this room over time.

Anyone remember that secondhand tufted office chair I picked up secondhand two years ago? *crickets* Well I dug it out of the basement, painted the leather in Fusion Mineral Paint‘s shade of Coal Black, sanded down the wood and refinished it. It looks SO MUCH BETTER. It goes really well with our other painted chair, which I still get questions about to this day, our painted tufted leather armchair which is happily at home in the corner of our office now.

Our custom built office desk – now that was a labour of love. I’m SO HAPPY with how it turned out. My Week Seven blog post was all about how I Frankenstein-ed our desk using IKEA kitchen counter tops and pieces from our old dining room table. I also made a reel about it on Instagram, which you can check out here!

I can’t publish this post without mentioning the wasp ‘art’ I made. When I repaired the wall under the window in Week Two, I had found a massive [very old] wasps next in the brickwork. I was able to salvage pieces of it, which I knew I wanted to frame in some way once the room was properly finished. I had bought this trio of frames from Value Village years ago and never used them. When I was rummaging through my decor stash to decorate our office, I found it and knew it would be perfect. I simply glued the nest pieces to some black velvet. I don’t know how long it will last like this, but I love it for now.

Speaking of window repairs, here is what our home office looked like at the beginning of this year’s ORC …

Click here to see all the before photos of our home office. It wasn’t in bad shape, but it also wasn’t good.

– Sico paint in ‘Army Green’ in flat / matte finish
EKBACKEN kitchen counter tops [one large, one small] from IKEA
– Legs and apron taken from our old dining room table
Black tufted armchair, secondhand, painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in ‘Coal Black’
– Tufted office desk chair, secondhand from Kijiji [updated blog post coming soon!]
SANELA dark grey curtains from IKEA
Vanilla Sugar candle from Wick Witch
– Picture frames, all thrifted [sorry]
– Silhouette paintings, painted by myself
More will be added to this list as I continue to update our home office!

You can check all the Week Eight / final reveals by all the Guest Participants here! I cannot wait to scroll through the finished projects this week and see all the transformations. It is my goal during each one of Zelda’s naps this week to view each update. So much effort goes into these projects and I always love to see what everyone has challenged themselves to design.

I’ve completed all but 3 or 4 items off my to-do list. The main things I didn’t get around to going is: replacing the banister at the top of the servants stairs, painting the servants stairs, update the main light in our home office [bye boob light], and then sourcing small decor items like a pillow for the chair and printing the digital artwork I bought.

– Skim coat / patch ceiling
– Skim coat / patch walls
– Paint ceiling
– Paint walls
– Replace / upgrade banister at top of servants stairs
– Update and reinstall handrails
– Repaint stairs [not super necessary, but I might as well]
– Install desk system
– Update secondhand tufted office chair
– Source chandelier / remove the boob light
– Source storage cabinet[s] for office items
Possibly source and hang curtains [not sure though for either window]
Decorate / hang artwork / overkill the space

Thank you to everyone who had supported and encouraged me during this year’s ORC! It’s been a great project, and I truly cannot wait to use our office now. Until next time.

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  1. Maria - A Playful Stitch
    May 27, 2022 / 20:25

    This looks stunning! I am so impressed by what you’ve achieved here! There are so many features that I adore – the wasp nest artwork piece looks incredibly effective, the curtain swag over the ghost window is so sumptuous!… I love the desk chair and the armchair and am forever amazed by the fact that they’re painted! The desk that you’ve created is perfection – I love how you’ve repurposed the legs from your old table and they look so good painted in black. It’s such a good looking desk area, and also very functional. I love that you’ve got that gorgeous picture of Zelda framed and on the wall – and the cute sillhouettes of the girls! Every detail is so considered and thought through and adds such style to the room. (I also appreciate the gorgeous vial of potion/poison on the desk!)
    I know this is very gushy… but you’ve really done such an amazing job here! Good work, Carberry, good work!

    • May 30, 2022 / 14:05

      Thank you so much, McFarlane 🖤 I am SO proud of that desk. Kinf of deliriously. It took me a long time to figure out how to make it, so I didn’t start it for the longest time. I’m so glad I took the extra effort and added the apron as it totally makes it! It was during a mid-May heat wave that I tackled disassembling the table and making the desk and I was so disgustingly sweaty. I was close to giving up, but I knew if I didn’t add the apron, I’d be half-assing it.

      Thank you again. I love that you noticed all the details 🖤

  2. May 28, 2022 / 02:53

    This room is SUCH a triumph!! I absolutely love how you’ve incorporated so many ‘Dark Romantic Luxe’ elements into it but my favourites are definitely the desk (utterly genius using your old table – it looks SO professional), the chair (how is that painted?! WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT) and the wasp art (so weird, so perfect)!!

    You’ve clearly worked so hard in this space and it shows – it’s going to be such a pleasure working from there 🙂 Amazing job! xxx

    • May 30, 2022 / 14:12

      Yes! Thank you, Kimberly! The room was quite nice the week before it was due, but it felt like it was lacking so much. It took me a long time to clue into the distinct lack of weird. It took me about 4 minutes to make that wasp art and I really love it so much.

      I’ve gotten so many questions about our painted armchair over the years, that I’m overdue an update post on how it’s held up. SPOILER: *really* well.

      Thank you again, Kimberly 🖤

  3. June 26, 2022 / 20:14

    Such a beautiful result!