Image Interiors & Living – Ask the Experts

Today is turning out to be a pretty epic Thursday. Not only is it ludicrously sunny outside [PLEASE DON’T JINX IT], but the March / April issue of Image Interiors & Living is out now! 
For the latest issue, I was asked by Nathalie to contribute some of my DIY knowledge towards the new ‘Ask the Experts’ feature.

I’m actually struggling to write something after that sentence. I’ve sat here at my desk for 30 minutes, trying to think of something profound to write when in all honesty I can’t even sentence. I’m just feeling very lucky / excited / humble / excited. 

To be included along side the likes of Roisin [!!! major design crush], John and Peadar, I’m having big time feelings of just woah right now. I can’t wait for my mom to embarrass me in front of her coworkers for the duration of this issue.

Check out the full article in the current issue of Image Interiors & Living, which is available in all good newsagents now. xx A

#IMAGEblogawards nomination!

Sorry for the no-show this past week. I woke up on Monday morning with a head cold that reduced me to living in a nest on my couch up until this morning. There’s nothing quite like a gargantuan dose of mucus to make you appreciate not being sick the other 360 days of the year. 
ANYWAYS, as I’ve gingerly shared online a couple of times over the last few weeks, Hydrangea Girl has been nominated for an Image Blog Award [WOAH], and as much as much as I hate asking people to vote, if you wouldn’t mind shooting a click my way this Friday afternoon, I’d be forever grateful and I will craft a stylish centre-piece using my own hair and send it to you if you vote for me. If that temptation is right up your alley, you can … 

>>>>>> V O T E   H E R E <<<<<<

… and I’ve had just above the legal limit of throat lozenges to ask you to vote using all of your email addresses if you have more than one. Yep. Please. I’m desperate and currently sound like a 78-year-old smoker. 

I / Hydrangea Girl can be found at the verrry bottom of the list. One could say they saved the best ’til last? Nope. That’s more of my excessive use of throat lozenges talking. Apologies again. Happy Friday! 

xx A

Image Interiors – September / October issue!

It seems like an age ago that I was excitedly [but mostly nervously] submitting my two pieces for the September / October issue of Image Interiors & Living. The autumn issue hit the shelves on Saturday morning, and I was barely able to contain my excitement as I legged it to the shops. 

My featured article [which is mentioned on the cover. NO BIG DEAL / EEEEEK / ACT COOL] is all about about decluttering and organising your home. I interviewed Sarah Reynolds of Organised Chaos, who dishes out her top tips for bringing calm to your chaos. Not only is she too a crazy cat lady, but I had a great time chatting with her and geeking out over getting organised. It’s something I’m kinda overly passionate about anyways, in case you didn’t notice.

And a little behind the scenes of me and Nathalie working on the title page image for Cut the Clutter …

I also wrote a cheeky little number about the perils of thrift shopping, which is accompanied by a pretty awesome illustration by the talented Naomi Wilkinson. When both my husband and my mom read the article on Saturday, they both had a couple of giggles and my mom guffawed a bit as I mention her once or twice [for the record, I think she was more so flattered than horrified. She hasn’t sent me any concerned texts since reading it, so it’s all good]. 
I just wanna finish this post by saying thank you Nathalie for thinking I’m cool enough to contribute to your magazine. Big time appreciating all up in here xx A
You can pick up a copy of the September / October issue of Image Interiors & Living in all good newsagents now.