DIY Friday – blackboard shopping list

I will start off by saying I’m not claiming to have reinvented the wheel. This weeks DIY Friday is not groundbreaking, but it is something that we’ve had in our apartment for a couple of years, is painfully simple and gets use every day. For those very reasons I can’t help but share our blackboard shopping list … 

Way back in 2011 I fell for the
blackboard fad, and I fell hard. I bought a tin of the black stuff, woke
up early one morning and attacked our living room with it. I was in love for a couple of months, but all that black began taking its toll. I Brazilian waxed our blackboard wall and trimmed it back to a strip above our shelf, but it wasn’t long before I painted over all of it. 
But one patch survived; the patch I painted in the kitchen. We’ve found it so useful. We’ve gotten in the habit of snapping a picture of the list whenever we head out so we know what to pick up on the way home. It’s really been worth its weight in paint.
Let’s be honest here people, tonic should be on the top of the list. 
Exciting stuff will be going on all up in here next week! I think I’ll treat this weekend as the calm before the storm. All that’s going on next week will be a massive bouquet of excitement, fear, and a big bow of stepping outside of my comfort zone. But all of which a step in the right direction. Light a candle for me folks. xx A
p.s. Today’s DIY Friday was going to be a little something involving washi tape but the fab and uber creative ladies at A Beautiful Mess beat me to it. Mad props ladies! My hat is off to you. So is the life of a blogger.

DIY Friday – stuff I stole from Pinterest

For this weeks DIY Friday I compiled a short list of uber simple DIY’s inspired by none other than Pinterest. It’s so easy to become a serial pinner without actually putting your favourite pins into action, so I wanted to share three of the easiest pins I’ve found and used. I wish I could claim the below ideas as my own, but unfortunately, my conscience will not allow. On to the good stuff –

I have a thirsting passion for all things decanted so when I spotted this pin, l just had to add it to our bathroom. Do you like rich mahogany and the smell of leather bound books? If so, this pin may be just the thing for you. Ditch your ugly mouthwash bottle and proudly display it all classy in a decanter in your bathroom. Because you’re so sophisticated.

This is a great pin and caught my eye as a quick way to add a bit of glam to an otherwise boring sink – adding a cute cake plate to display your washing up side kicks. Because let’s face it, who actually likes standing at their sink? Speaking as someone who hasn’t had a dishwasher in 9 years {except husband, of course}, I will honestly say I am not one of those people. 

Lastly, it makes me feel old to learn that cassette tapes are now being referred to as ‘retro’ pieces, but at least their cases are making a mini come back. This pin showed that this otherwise discarded item can be flipped to hold your phone or as I’ve done here because I’m a nerd, to hold business cards. Since this cassette case was scratched and a bit haggard, I spray painted it to disguise the ugly.
And as for me, as of this afternoon I am so incredibly excited to say I had my very first photo shoot styling gig for House & Home. Mind = blown. I feel so lucky to have been asked to do it and what an incredible title to be able to add to my ammunition. At long last my OCD is coming in handy …

With that, happy Friday homies and I hope wherever you are you have a super weekend. We might have a mini BBQ celebration for dinner me thinks {any excuse really}. I hope your weekend is chalk full of grill. xx A

Kitschen shelves

Last weekend I spent some long overdue focus on our kitchen. I enjoy silly things like fussing over arranging a display, and sadly our kitchen was lacking this attention. Since I have so many little fecky kitchen things I’d love to show off, cheap shelves were purchased, colour was applied {‘winegum’ spray paint from Montana}, father’s skills and drills were summoned, and kitsch was applied to the kitchen. 
This space had hanging storage already, but it was driving me insane as it never looked tidy. You may have noticed, our shelves are placed up against a door. We haven’t opened said door in 4 years, so this is not a concern {it’s just a secondary entrance to our hallway}. 

I’m not finished tweaking and rearranging the shelves just yet, but for the moment I’m very happy with how its turned out. I like the balance of old lady / nerdy stuff / old and new mix that’s going on. I’m contemplating adding either a painting above or below, or some action along the lines of bunting / dangly stuff, but I think I’ll let the shelves settle in first. 
xx A
Top shelf – coral {thrifted}, vintage vase {thrifted},  matroyshka measuring cups {ordered online}, tea cup plates {thrifted}, Star Wars Cookbook {ordered online}, other cookbooks {store bought}. Bottom shelf – Marcel Wanders candle {store bought}, milk pourer kitty {gifted}, teacups and saucers {thrifted}, cheese plate {thrifted}, skull salt and pepper shakers {thrifted}, and weighing scales {inherited}.