Custom Christmas colours – part 3

Skulls, hydrangeas, tea cups and bling – that is what our Christmas tree and apartment are wearing this year. In tones of burgundy, aubergine, metallic and hints of lilac, this year I went with a custom Christmas to suit our living space – not our previous fire engine red and winter green. And I enjoyed nerding out by personalizing what we already had {check out some Christmas decoration revamp ideas here in part 2}.

Husband was very proud of himself when he pointed out the “mini bell jar is full of bells” … 

Thanks to the surplus of tea cups from our wedding this year, I had the idea to hang some dainty numbers from our tree with pretty ribbon. Note: I’d advise you only try this if you have a fake tree where you can bend the branches completely back on themselves to make sure there are no porcelain victims. This is especially vital if there are furry paws lurking.

The only decorations I didn’t revamp were my trusty, old seasonal switch place covers. You can check out my tutorial here on how to make them if you’re curiosa.

You can barely see it above, but this  pinecone garland deal is going on below our shelf this year. God bless Pinterest. 

And it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t get some hydrangea action going on this Christmas. These babies are made as simply as the picture shows below. No instructions necessary. I whipped up 6 of them in 20 minutes. Thanks again to Press Gang Supplies for the ab fab ribbon. Getting some seriously good use out of it.

Faux stag head from Marks & Spencer gets an honourary faux garland, and a close up of some of the delights on our tree. 

Yesterday we went to Farmleigh’s Christmas Fair where we royally stuffed our faces with the most incredible food, and I couldn’t resist picking up 3 of these decorative cabbages. These babies are 3 feet long. Each. It was quite the task mashing them into a vase last night. I must post a picture of them as they are incredible next to the faux stag set up going on on our shelf. 
Last but not least, below is a pic of our Toshi inspecting the Christmas tree. Now that I look at this picture, I realize how many baubles are now missing from this area … 
I hope you are all prepared for the Christmas season ahead! I can’t wait to do some serious baking, sleeping in, movie watching and general messing about the house. HURRY UP, CHRISTMAS. 
xx A
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  1. December 17, 2012 / 21:28

    I love the tea cup ornaments! My family learned the hard way that real trees don't always support porcelain/china. My grandma paints each of her grandchildren a china ornament every year starting from when they were born. The one year we got a real tree a bunch of them fell off.

    • December 19, 2012 / 15:40

      That's such a cute tradition your grandmother started. I hope the majority of them survived? I think we stopped putting up our glass ornaments after one of our cats brought the whole thing down one year. That, and we also now tie our trees to the wall.