I won’t want to toss it

Anyone want to take a wild guess at what flowers I’d love my bouquet to consist of? I’m warning you now to prepare yourself for some serious hydrangea porn. This stuff is hardcore.
We have a colour scheme, but no theme per se {yet?}. Fiance is a typical Irish teaholic, and I heart tea cups, so there might be something there. We also love deep, dark colours – antiqued burgundies, deep plums and strong wines against black and white for a strong contrast.

At the moment I am completely fixated on having a bouquet with black and white striped ribbon detailing. I love the contrast, and I also think it brings a more snappy and up-to-date/current/modern feel to it.

I really like the idea of myself being in  white with a dark bouquet, and have my bridesmaids wearing lovely deep hues while holding contrasting white hydrangeas. Opposites attract!

Lastly, I’m entertaining the idea of mixing hydrangeas with other flowers. I’m still a bit unsure, but combining with pussy willow in that pic – amaze-balls. If only I could have all my hydrangeas -ever- to be that deep plum colour = heaven.
Those are my only notes I’ve made about bouquets. I’m trying to keep things simple, that way there’s less to worry about if something goes wrong. I’m into the idea of reusing bridesmaids and my bouquet as center pieces {save a bit of €?}, and that way I’ll have the perfect excuse to not throw my bouquet recklessly into a crowd of drunk single women. Back off, bitches.

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  1. January 22, 2012 / 03:57

    laughing at the back off bitches comment. Oh I like your idea of the contrats in the boquets for you and the bridesmaids….Alex, you would love wondering around the streets of Newlands(where I live), as the hydrangeas are blooming. At the present time we have pinks and purples. But there are whites, bright pinks, soft blues….just in my street alone. I remember last year before we bought our new home, I would cut some of the different blooms from the streets on my daily walk…..

  2. January 22, 2012 / 09:42

    My mum made my flowers for me, and she made me a smaller bouquet just for throwing so I could keep mine intact.

  3. January 23, 2012 / 13:17

    Oh Janine you are making me lean toward fiance's ideal honeymoon destination – New Zealand! He wants to go so badly, but I have a horrid fear of flying and well, we're on opposite sides of the world. But the thoughts of hydrangeas and a good dose of meds might just get me there …

    That is an amazing idea Tracey! So simple and yet so obvious. I'll have to do the same 🙂 I just can't bear the thought of ruining perfectly good hydrangeas.