Cheeky mention – Confetti magazine

This is a very special and kind of silly mention for me/us. The lovely editor of Confetti magazine asked me a little while ago if we had an interesting engagement story, and would we like to share it and potentially have it feature in the magazine. I was super excited, but I immediately said “well, there are some bad words in our story” to which said editor replied “don’t worry – that’s what asterisks are for”. So, asterisks I wrote. 

A closer look …

And that’s how it happened. We took that picture mere moments after Robert proposed. You can’t really tell, but the sun was setting. Very romantic. With my fat head and severe potty-mouth taking up most of the picture.
I take pride in knowing I may have been the first asterisk culprit / contributor to such a glamorous and delicate magazine. That’s how I roll. 

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  1. January 25, 2012 / 05:41

    How F**king cool, that you got to use these ***. Enjoyed reading about your proposal. I am a romantic and love that Robert asked for your hand in marriage via your dad.

  2. January 25, 2012 / 10:40

    It melted my heart when he told me that he asked my dad. My dad ended up crying! Ridiculous.

    Fiance also spent two weeks worth of lunch hours looking for my engagement ring. And never complained when I served him dinner late!!! Argh.